Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner and adhere to the Academy’s policies. Violation of Academy’s policies may result in disciplinary action including probation, suspension, and dismissal. Students are required to abide by the conduct guidelines below:

  1. Display respect for fellow students, faculty and Academy’s staff members

  2. Do not interfere with the learning progress of other students.

  3. Put forth a reasonable effort to learn and successfully complete training within the scheduled training period.

  4. Put forth a reasonable effort to attend all scheduled classes and have valid reasons for any time missed.

  5. Put forth a reasonable effort to make up any missed classes or assignments.

  6. Provide constructive criticism to improve the school and do not disparaging remarks when speaking of the school, faculty, or fellow students.

  7. Students are not permitted to remove any supplies textbooks, equipment or other Academy’s property from the premises without prior written permission from a faculty or administrative member.

  8. Students will leave their classroom and lab area clean at the end of the class period.

  9. Students will not eat or use tobacco products in classrooms, labs or other not designated area.

  10. Students will not bring visitors to the academy without prior permission from a faculty or administrative member.

  11. Make all tuition payments as scheduled.

  12. Refrain from using loud, abusive, vulgar, or profane language on or near Academy’s premises.

  13. Students will not engage in gambling, fighting, soliciting, or distribution of literature of any kind on Academy’s premises.

  14. Students will not misuse vandalize, or otherwise damage any Academy’s property.

  15. Abide by the dress code at all times.

  16. Do not engage in cheating or plagiarism of any form

  17. Students are not permitted to bring or possess alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons of any kind on or near Academy’s premises

  18. Students are not permitted to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while on Academy’s premises.

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