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Raised on Long Island, NY, Rich later moved to Phoenix when he got accepted to Arizona State University (ASU) in 1972 getting his degree in history. Entering the USMC as a 2nd LT in 1977, he became a CH53 helicopter pilot. He then left the Marines to enter the private sector in 1983 where he worked for Colt Aerospace, Motorola, and the National Guard where he once again flew helicopters.

In 1988, Rich retired from the Guard as a LtCol. While working for Motorola and living in Maryland, Rich and his wife Sue, were asked to take over the family air conditioning business and did so in January of 1994.

Rich is a NATE certified technician, designs ductwork, and does heat load calculations. He was the President of the Blue Energy Institute for two terms and is currently expanding The J.R. Perkins Company to be successful for another 50 yrs for the 3rd generation of family to take over when Rich decides to retire.

From the Director of the Air Conditioning Academy of Arizona, Richard Larsen gave us some insight on why he started the academy and why it is so important today.

What made you want to start an Academy for HVAC?

There is a critical shortage of trade technicians across all disciplines.  Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC techs are in very high demand.  Properly trained  service people can create a very good life for themselves and their families.

How will the Academy prepare students for real life field work? 

The training consists of classroom work with fully functioning HVAC systems.  Hands on experience along with “ride along” opportunities with senior service technicians will give all students the confidence they’ll need to be successful.

Why is the Academy different from other trade schools? 

No other opportunity offers the real experience of being in the field doing repairs, maintenance, and installation.  Not all trade schools have a full laboratory with operational systems and teaching from not only a qualified senior tech, but a long term business owner.  These students will know exactly what business owners are looking for when they look to hire newly trained techs.

The Academy is starting this fall in October. The classroom and laboratory has been set and ready for students.

Contact us now to enroll - 480-296-3516


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