Academy’s training program not only involves intensive hands-on and practical training but also safety and professional standards. The proper use of safety glasses and other relevant personal protection equipment (PPE) is expected at all times while working in the lab. Student conduct conducive to a safe working environment is expected every day whether in the classroom or lab. Students who see unsafe acts and/or conditions should report them to their instructor or any member of the administrative staff. All injuries should be reported immediately to the instructor. If medical attention is needed, emergency medical personnel will be called to attend to the injured individual. The Academy assumes no responsibility for any injuries other than those resulting from participation in normally scheduled instructional programs. This is the beginning of a conditioning process preparing each Student with the safety requirements for a successful career in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field.

Safety Equipment -All students are required to have safety glasses and work gloves for every class.



Theft is defined as taking or possessing the property of another without right or permission. Students shall respect the property of the Academy, other Students, employees and visitors. Specific violations of this standard include, but are not limited to the unauthorized taking, misappropriation, possession, retention, or disposal of any property owned or maintained by the Academy, another Student, a person attending an Academy sponsored event, or any other person. Likewise, any lost or misplaced item that is found should immediately be turned in to the Director’s Office.

Reliable Academy assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property. It is the students’ responsibility to protect their belongings on or off campus.



Students must achieve a minimum of 80% attendance to the program of study in order to graduate.


All students are encouraged to be on time and prepared for each day.  We understand that other issues may cause lateness.  It is important that known late arrivals be scheduled with The Academy staff as soon as it is known. Make up sessions are available on a very limited basis and the student may fall too far behind the class to keep up.


Grading Policy

We are a Pass/Fail grading policy.  A student must demonstrate mastery of each subject to the satisfaction of the instructor.

Failing Classes

It is our intent to find student candidates that do not have the skillsets or motivation to complete this course of instruction prior to their enrollment. However, if a student fails to attend the classes consistently, falls behind in their work, and cannot demonstrate a mastery of the subjects, The Academy will not work to ensure the students employment and will not recommend the student for employment.


To be eligible for graduation demonstrate mastery of all subjects taught, have attended at least 80% of all class times, complete lab assignments, and satisfy the lead tech during their “ride along”.

Dress Code

          Students are to present a professional and personal appearance at all times. Facial hair should be appropriately trimmed and facial jewelry must be removed during class time. Standards regarding jewelry or any other items that may be a safety hazard is prohibited. The main objective is to maintain uniformity and to avoid an extreme or unprofessional appearance. It is the responsibility of this Academy’s administration to ensure the Students are adhering to the dress code consisting of a neat appearance; thus, preparing our Students for potential job interviews, contractor visits and most importantly the workforce. The Academy has specific dress code guidelines, and it will be at the discretion of the School’s Administration to determine compliance of this policy. Violation of the specific prohibitions and requirements set forth in this policy may be punishable by grade penalty and any additional disciplinary actions deemed reasonable by the Academy’s administration The Academy expects that each Student will wear long jeans or cargo pants, a belt at waist level and no shorts of any kind.

Dress code violations include but are not limited to:
• open toe shoes, sandals, slippers, flip-flops,
• short sleeve shirts,
• shorts,
• wearing of hats, baseball caps, hoodies, bandanas in class,
• visible undergarments even when seated, or
• athletic wear including gym shorts, jerseys, wind/jogging suits, etc.

The Students are expected to meet the following standards or guidelines with respect to personal grooming and hygiene maintenance:
• consistent bathing and oral hygiene,
• no heavily-scented perfumes, colognes or lotions,
• clean, well-groomed hair; including beards, mustaches, goatees and sideburns (no artificial colors outside the norm),
• clothing or attire must not interfere with the safe operation of duties or equipment,
• no dangling, large hoop jewelry, or gauged ears, which may present a safety hazard, and
• piercings are limited to a maximum of one (1) per ear. Any other visible piercings are prohibited (exceptions will be made where piercings are demanded by religion or culture).

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