Online Courses Available soon!

We are now offering online / hybrid courses starting August 2020! 

With the recent changes, we decided to take our course online for your convenience at home!

The online program will be an at your pace learning modules to cover all materials needed for becoming an HVAC Maintenance technician!


The online program will require you to have a g-mail account to access class modules. It is a free account to sign up, if you have questions please e-mail us : 


The online program cost is $960.


We  offer two options of payment for the course:

  1.  Each module will cost $80 each module , this tuition will need to be paid upfront prior  to access to each module. 

  2. Paying for the full course upfront for all 12 modules, we will discount the course to $850 total. 

(Still accessing each module after passing each quiz to ensure the student is understanding the information given. No wait time in between. Once each module is completed access will be given within 24 hours.)



We will also offer an option for local Phoenicians, to do in-person LAB time, following CDC guidelines, only one student at a time in the lab at an additional cost will be determined. 

(if you would like to participate in Lab time after finishing the courses, please contact our Admin to schedule )


We hope to see you online !




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